Let's say you search pictures that describe a specific mood (happy, contemplative, unhappy etc.) It might be a good idea to define an additional Custom Metadata entry. In our case we create a Custom Metadata entry "Mood". 

1. How to create Custom Metadata entries

As an editor open your Media Library. Create a new Custom Metadata by selecting Settings > Metadata Settings on the left-hand side.  Click the button "New Custom Tag" and choose the type of metadata you want to create (Text, Longtext, Select, Number, Date). In our example we choose Text. Define a meaningful title like "Mood". Additionally specify a default value for instance "happy". In the advanced settings choose whether your new entry appears in the search, is visible and last but not least editable assumed you have appropriate editor rights.
Don't forget to save your Custom Metadata entry!

Now upload one or even multiple assets. Open one of the assets you just uploaded. In the Powerbar click on the "Info" icon. An additional window on the right opens with the Basic and Metadata tab. Select the Metadata tab. In the Custom Metadata section you will find your new entry "Mood" with the default value "happy".  If the Metadata Field is editable, feel free to change it to whatever is applicable. Are you happy? ;-)

2. Viewers see Custom Metadata

As a viewer you profit from Custom Metadata too. Open an asset from your Workspace or Media Library by clicking on it. On the right-hand side the Basic and Metadata tab appears. Select the Metadata tab.
"Voilà" you see all Metadata entries inclusive your Custom Metadata fields defined for this asset!

* Keep in mind: Default values are applied to new assets only during the upload!

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