There are different possibilities as to how you are able to share content with others:

1. Share one asset from the backend Library

If you want to share only an asset from the backend library, you can click on the three dots and share the asset. It is not possible to share the whole library with a link, you would need to invite the users to the library which is described in the following step:

2. Invite users/ Give users access to it

You can invite users to your Style Guide, Library or Project so they will have access to the content or assets there. See more here: How to invite team members

3. Set up a personal collection

You can set up a personal collection in the frontend library, where a personalised link is generated, which you use to share the assets afterwards with external users.

See here on how to do this: Personal Collection

4. Public sharing of a Style Guide

You can also share the whole Style Guide publicly. More information can be found here: Public Sharing

5. Require Login

Click on the left Powerbar on the gear icon > click on “general” > toggle of “Require Login” as seen in the image below:

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