Introducing the Brand Newsletter Tool

This quarter, we introduced the long-awaited Newsletter tool to empower organizations to spread the news about their brand’s latest updates from within Frontify, via email.

Keep Everyone in the Loop With Brand Platform Updates

Create Engaging Updates With The Easy-to-use Email Builder

Track The Performance of Your Brand

Get to know more about the newsletter here.

Introducing the Developer Platform

New Developer Resources

Find out more detailed information about the Developer Platform in this blog.

New Integrations

Benefit From Connections To Your Daily Work Tools

This quarter, we have worked on bringing you some of the most widely used tools, including:

Learn more about our integrations here.

Creative Collaboration – Figma App (Beta)

This quarter we focused on extending the power of Figma and developed a new Figma App that lives inside Frontify. The Figma App allows all stakeholders on Frontify to discover, contribute, and benefit from the great work of your designers.

The Figma App currently supports two primary use cases:

  1. Streamline Daily Design Work & Collaboration

  2. Drive Efficient Design System Documentation within Frontify

Digital & Print Templates – Improvements

This quarter’s improvements to the tool are aimed at making your workflows more efficient.

Boost Your Efficiency With Faster Rendering

  • The ability to add multiple download presets for templates.

  • The ability to download publications in their original file format to recreate designs from your templates or publications.

For more information on these changes, head over to our article on creating your own Template Library.

Get Ready For Dynamic Data To Increase Efficiency

  • Everyone can make sure of the information to fill in their publications;

  • Less margin for error, as the information will be already provided;

  • Improved time efficiency.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) – Improvements

This quarter we also made some key improvements to our DAM system to allow further personalization of libraries and improved protection of your icons and logos.

Enjoy Improved Protection of Your Logos and Icons

Our Logo and Icon Libraries received updates that might change how you now protect and share your assets.

  • Use download protection

  • Add watermarks

  • Add standard or auto-approval

  • Determine the length of permission validity

  • Configure request forms

  • Make changes that are also visible in the front end of libraries

  • Set up different download sizes for the Logo Library

Further Personalize Your Media Libraries

  • Store larger text in the copyright field

  • Hide the search bar and filters in the Collections view

  • Display custom download names on your library’s front-end view

Platform – Improvements

Leverage Increased User Management Governance

  • Automatically add new and existing users to the right groups based on specific properties, such as email or login mode.

  • Make sure users have the right access to the right areas of your brand portal.

Find more information on Smart Groups in our help article.

Check out our release notes for weekly updates, where you can get a thorough look at what's new in the product.

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