Every brand has a brand identity — time to be aware of your brand's characteristics that influence your activities and the stakeholder's perception.

This starting guide is divided into two sections:

  • Frontify Platform: Basics of the software

  • Brand Identity Canvas: First steps

Frontify Platform

We want to use this chance to introduce some basics of our software, mainly because many new Frontify users are going to join the Early Access of the Brand Identity Canvas. If you already know our software very well, skip this section and read more about the first steps with the canvas.


After logging into your dedicated Frontify environment, you will see the brand(s) you are part of. The dashboard allows you to open your brand and global access settings like your user menu.

The dashboard of the Frontify Platform showing the different brands that are in the environment. In this case on brand called Dan & Rick Testbrand.

Opening your user menu offers different possibilities:

  • Edit your Profile Information & Profile Avatar

  • Logout

  • Access Support, Help Center, or the Academy

The User Menu of the Frontify Platform

Products & Features

Your account will have access to different products on the platform. As a member of the Early Access Program of the Brand Identity Canvas, you will see four tabs inside your brand:

  • Brand Identity (Alpha)

  • Guidelines

  • Projects

  • Libraries

The four Products of Frontify in different screens: Brand Identity, Guidelines, Projects and Libraries

You are going to spend the most time inside the product Brand Identity probably. Adding different methods, analyze your brand's identity, and evolve it together with other brand managers and involved colleagues. Our other products will be great additions to try out different platform features and experience our complete Brand Management approach, involving everyone.

Brand Identity Canvas

Switching to the first steps with the Brand Identity Canvas, we will help you to add your first methods and to understand the navigation inside the methods.

The Frontify Software Header with four different products: Brand Identity, Guidelines, Projects and Libraries

You can access the new product by clicking on the tab Brand Identity at the top area of the software. After clicking, you will get an overview of all canvas that you already added, or in the case you added none, you will see the onboarding of our tool.

The empty Brand Identity Canvas ready to add a new canvas to group methods.

After creating or accessing a Brand Identity Canvas, you've can easily create your first method to analyze your brand. We offer recently 20 methods to discover different characteristics of your brand and to involve teams and other stakeholders in collaborative workshops. These 20 methods are placed in five different categories to facilitate the consumption:

  • Company

  • Competition

  • Stakeholder

  • Core

  • Personality

The Method Chooser of the Brand Identity Canvas, showing all methods you can create to start analyzing your brand. Example shown in this screen: Company, Founder Icon, Timeline, Moodboard, SWOT, Vision, Mission, Competition and Directory.

Choosing one method will lead you directly into it, opening the whole Canvas in a prototype that is empowered by Miro. Via embedding, we are enabling the whole editing experience of the board as you would access the board on Miro itself. You can edit the texts, place new content like pictures and post-its, and open resources and references.

Watch the video below to understand the navigation and editing of it:

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