It`s so easy to navigate to the tools you need within the Workspace. Over the PowerBar, you can see your notifications, do all the relevant settings, send invites, share your project and much more.

The PowerBar on the Workspace.

From top to bottom:

  1. Home (Dashboard).
  2. Assets
  3. Team
  4. Activity
  5. Notification Settings
  6. Style Guide
  7. Fullscreen switcher
  8. Notifications
  9. User Profile / Logout

Home (Dashboard)

If you press the Frontify Logo on the Powerbar, you will come back to the dashboard. From here you can reach other brands or projects.


The assets area is the place in the workspace where you can reach all your files and folders.

Team / Invite

From here you can invite your team members, your stakeholders, clients or any other person via email. You are able to set the permission for each person.


NEW FEATURE: From now on you are able to grand persons temporary access from a date to a certain date.


Who made what and when. Under the activity area, you've the possibility to see the changelog. We are not able to tell you why, but the where and when are a nice to have ;-)

Settings (Notification)

Over these settings you can setup that you are getting notified by all status changes, new discussions, comments, new and updated screens and all the approval requests. 

Style Guide

Wanna you check the Style Guide of the Brand / Project? That is not a problem.
Clicking the Style Guide button in the Power Bar opens the Style Guide directly in a new tab of your browser.

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