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Get the most out of your Cover Page
Get the most out of your Cover Page

This article gives you an insight into the advanced functionality of your Cover Page. There are almost limitless options for customization.

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This article could give you some inspiration about the use of the less-obvious functionality of the Cover Page, which is the central entry point to your guidelines. If you want to learn more about the basics, start reading our introductory article.

Play around with the width of elements

The width of sections, blocks, images and so on can be defined individually. By default, the width is set to auto. However, you can use any other common unit in web development to customize your cover page (e.g. %, px, vw, em, rem, vmax, vmin, ...).

This helps you in creating Cover Pages that are no wider than 80%, or single sections that only make use of 50% of the total width.

Pro tip: You can use the above-mentioned measurement units not only for widths, but for font sizes as well. This means that you could use 2.5vw for the content font size to make sure that the font scales up and down – responsive – like the rest of your page.

Set the background for your transparent PNGs

You can easily set the background of text fields, images and much more. This is especially interesting if you work with transparent PNGs. Instead of finishing the design in your design tools, many things can be fine tuned at a later stage. 

Pro tip: You can also set image overlays colors that have a certain transparency, which often gives your images a nice effect, and makes them look more consistent.

Crop images to match your layout

Quite often, you might have images that don't have the right dimensions right away. This is where our image cropper comes in handy. Let's say you have two images on the same horizontal section, which have different heights. In this case, you can simply crop that images with the same dimensions and ratios, to make sure that they have the same height and look balanced in your overall layout. 

Advanced layouts

Using the same content block mirrored in the same horizontal section, often looks quite nice – especially if you prefer more playful layouts that neatly include whitespace as well. We encourage you to play around with the different layout options, in combination with using white as a background color on content blocks. 

Let us know if you have any additional questions or inputs. 

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