Custom UI Pattern Height

Learn how to change the height of UI Pattern Blocks to visualize the elements you’re creating in its full size.

Updated over a week ago

When you type the code in the UI pattern box, and the element in the viewport seems to exceed the size of the space, the system will now automatically resize and fix itself to visualize the entire element.

Resize Handlebar

This space can also be modified manually by moving the resize handlebar, conveniently placed under the element. 

If you are into precise measurements, edit the height of this viewport space by directly typing in the pixels you wish to us in the cogwheel settings icon, on the right side of the element, in edit mode.

Changing the height allows you to present your elements in a full size,  without limiting yourself to specific spaces. It’s also saving you time by doing it automatically for all the elements you might already have on the page, and obviously; it’s also more visually appealing. 

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