Vimeo Integration for Frontify

Learn how to publish videos through the Vimeo integration.

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The Vimeo integration helps you to publish videos in Vimeo, from within your Frontify environment. Upload your videos to the Media Library, collaboratively discuss and work on them, and directly push them to Vimeo via the integration. Read through the following steps to make the best use of the integration.

1. Connecting Your Vimeo Account with Frontify

To establish a connection between your Frontify Media Library and Vimeo, you have to enter the backend of a certain Media Library. On the power bar to your left, you’ll find a cogwheel icon. Click it > Integrations, to find the Vimeo setup section.

Once you’ve clicked the Vimeo Integration button, the following screen will appear:

Here, you can activate the integration and start filling in your Vimeo account information. You can get the client ID, client secret, as well as the client token from the developer portal of Vimeo ( To do so, you have to create a new app by clicking the button on the top right.

Once the app is created, you can extract the client ID, client secret, and client token by going on ‘My Apps’ and enter the app settings.

Simply copy-paste your client information to Frontify and turn the integration on.

2. Publishing a Video Through the Vimeo Integration

Once the integration works, upload a video to the Media Library or enter the detailed view of an existing video, and you’ll find a label on the top middle of the screen explaining the publishing status to Vimeo. When it’s a new video, the label will be saying ‘Not Published to Vimeo’. To actually publish a video on Vimeo, you can find a button on top right called ‘Publish to Vimeo’.

As you can see in the screen above, you have the following options at hand to enrich your video with details before publishing:

  • Change the title;

  • Add a description;

  • Adjust the privacy settings so that either anybody or nobody can see the video;

  • Assign the video to an existing collection;

  • Add tags for search efficiency.

Once the video is published, you’ll see an indication that the video is published on top. Also, you can find Vimeo information in the metadata side panel on the right of the asset viewer – things like the URL of the video, and the iFrame for embedding. In addition to that, a Vimeo label will be displayed on the Media Library asset overview page.

That’s it. Take your video projects to Frontify and push ready to be published videos to Vimeo from within your brand hub.

If any questions are left unanswered, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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