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Comment on entire videos or in single sequences.

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You might know that you can host video projects in Frontify, but you may not yet know that you can comment and tag your colleagues directly on the video. With it, you can comment on the entire video or pick out a single frame to leave specific feedback.

Where To Find It

To use this feature, enter the project with the video included. Once there, switch to the feedback section by clicking the talking bubbles in the Power Bar on your left-hand side.

Now, you have the video in the video player view, ready to be commented on.


You have three options to comment on your videos. The first option is to leave general feedback on the video. These comments are not specifically bound to a video sequence but provide overall feedback. To do so, simply add a comment on the conversation layer to your right without ticking the box on the bottom right. Note that you can also @mention your teammates to target the right people with your feedback.

The second option is to leave feedback at a specific time point in the video. You can stop the video during the sequence you want to comment on and leave the tick box ticked. You can further highlight a specific point in the video or mark an area as a whole to leave your comment.

The third option is to leave a comment for a specific video interval. You can do this by defining the end of the sequence to the right of the tick box. Again, you can highlight a particular point in the video or mark an area as a whole to leave your comment. The highlighted area will be visible for the interval defined.

If your comment refers to specific frames or intervals, you’ll see a time stamp on the commenting area and a bubble on the timeline below the video. You can quickly jump to the comments by clicking on the bubbles. There, you have the visual context of the feedback, too.

You have several options to work on your comments on the comment sidebar. You can edit comments as a comment owner, resolve, delete, or reply to comments. You can check the resolved comments in the ‘Resolved’ section.

Further, you can navigate your video by using the video controls in the comment editing panel. You can play/pause the video or make 5-second jumps.

If you view the video in full screen, comments will pop up when you reach the specific frame. This way, you can view the video with all its details without missing out on any comments.

That’s it. Have fun commenting on your videos.

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