This integration is current Enterprise only and it needs to be enabled for each account. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

This integration will allow you, your customers, or anyone with access to your Frontify environment’s frontend libraries to work more autonomously, and efficiently. With it, everyone can copy imagery, video assets, or colors, and access them directly in their Creative Cloud Libraries.

This will allow you to:

  • Work more efficiently, by transferring assets from one tool to another in an instant.

  • Make sure your design and marketing teams have access to the same project assets – from anywhere, at any time – from within your Adobe Creative Cloud tools.

  • Provide external stakeholders with access to the assets they need. Agencies, freelancers – actually anyone, internal or external, remote or in-house – can now get the full picture, always.

What Are the Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries?

Creative Cloud Libraries is part of the Adobe suite and helps you gather design elements for specific projects, clients, or teams – all within your Creative Cloud apps.

How to Integrate the Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries to Your Frontify Environment

Bear in mind that, when this integration is in your environment, it will allow every user with access to the consumer-view assets of your brand to transfer them to any Creative Cloud Libraries account.

Activate the integration by heading to your library in the consumer view, click the Settings icon of the power bar, and go to General. In the new Settings panel, scroll down to the Integrations section, where you can activate it by using the toggle.

This has to be activated in every library, separately. This enables any user to copy assets from the Libraries of your choice.

How to Copy Assets from Frontify to an Adobe Creative Cloud Library

To be able to transfer assets, it’s important to note that users need to have access to the frontend of the Frontify environment, as well as an Adobe Cloud account.

Once the integration has been enabled, any user invited to the Frontify Libraries – in the consumer view of your environment – will have access to the assets.

In the Frontify Frontend Library, open the asset you would like to move. On the right-hand side, in the Information Panel under the Basics tab, you’ll find a space for Adobe Cloud Libraries.

Click on the Add to Creative Cloud Library button.

A new window should appear, where you can log in to the Adobe Cloud account you’d like to have that asset copied into.

Important: Libraries can only be created within the Adobe Cloud App, and not during the copying process from Frontify to Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries. We, therefore, suggest creating any library needed beforehand, to make sure you’re able to transfer assets to the Library of your choice.

Enter your login information. It should now show you the libraries that you’ve already created.

After choosing the Library, you’ll be redirected to the Creative Cloud where you can now start using the asset. This will update the asset’s relocation in real-time, so there’s no need to refresh the app. You can access your libraries in the Your Work tab of the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Now, when you open any of your Adobe desktop apps, the asset will be right there waiting for you.

The copied assets from Frontify can also be accessed through the Create Cloud mobile apps.

Colors from Guidelines into your Creative Cloud Libraries

The color palettes that have been added to a Guideline can also easily be copied into any Creative Cloud Library, the user would just need to have access to the guideline which would have been previously enabled for CC Library access beforehand.

Head to the Colors sections of the desired guideline. When hovering over the Adobe Creative Cloud logo next to the color name, you will be able to go through the same process as with imagery and videos - log in (in case you haven't before) and adding the color to a library.

In the Creative Cloud App, the different assets will be shown by format types.

And within each app, the colors will be displayed first when organized by type.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about the Frontify integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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