The Guideline Power Bar

The Power Bar from the Guideline view

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It's so easy to navigate to the tools you need within the Guideline. Over the PowerBar, you can see your notifications, do all the relevant settings, send invites and share the Guideline, and much more.

The Power Bar on the Guideline.

From top to bottom:

  1. Home (Dashboard).

  2. Team / Invite

  3. Settings

  4. Analytics

  5. Share Print & PDF

  6. Fullscreen switcher

  7. Notifications

  8. User Profile / Logout

Home (Dashboard)

If you press the Frontify Logo on the Power Bar, you will come back to the dashboard. From here, you can reach other brands or projects.

Team / Invite

From here, you can invite your team members, your stakeholders, clients, or any other person via email. You are able to set the permission for each person.


From now on, you are able to grant persons temporary access from a date to a certain date.


From the settings, you have the power to give your brand that certain something.

General: Here, you can set the names for the Guideline, the heading- and the subheading. You can activate that the authentication requires a login. Also, you are able to set up a custom domain here. And last but not least, you can delete your work. But you never gonna do this?  ;-)

Header: You can set here the size of the header. Give them a background color, or set an image as the background. Each document can have its specific header background.
You need a logo in your header. This can be set here also.
You wish you could set a hero font and a color.
Amazing, this is exactly what you find here. 

Guideline Header & Sub-header Alignment

The header and sub-header of your Guideline can be aligned either centered or aligned left, the same as the content on the page. 

To change the alignment, go to your Guideline and in the edit mode in the Power Bar or, using the shortcut (cmd+e), click on the Header Settings in the middle of the page. Select the Typography tab and then choose Appearance > Header Alignment. You will have the option to align the text either Centered or Content. 


At the content settings, you can set all the things up, like body font, color, link color, heading font, and color. And accent colors for Info, Notes, Tip, and Warnings. 

Should nobody download anything from your Guideline?
No Problem. Deactivate the image download.

But remember: Image download can be activated also at the image itself.

Navigation: Do you want that your navigation is collapsible or better sticky? That`s what you can set up here.

NEW FEATURE: You can now set by yourself how many documents are visible in the top navigation. Fantastic, or isn`t it ;-)

UI Pattern: External Resources (CSS / Javascript).
Why not. Paste the link here. Set the CSS Pre-Compiler if needed. 


You can see under your analytics the statistics of a page or a document.
For example, Page A has 125 views from 100 visitors on day X. The same is possible for documents. Per day/week or month could be set as an output value.

Share Print & PDF

If you press the Share icon from the PowerBar, then you'll see the link, which can be sent out to people. From here, you will be redirected to the settings dialog if you wanna set that the link requires a login. 

On the Print & PDF, you can export your Guideline to a PDF.
Easy. Only press the Print button.

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