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Getting Started with the Figma App
Getting Started with the Figma App
Learn how to get started with the Frontify Figma App.
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Add your Figma Designs to Frontify to involve everyone in the design process and start documenting your Figma Design System as part of your Brand in Frontify.

Requirements to start using the Figma App:

  • Have an active Figma account.

  • Have Projects as part of your Frontify plan. And have editor rights in at least one project.

Contact your Customer Success Manager for further information on how to include Projects in your plan.

Note: To activate the Figma app, please contact our Support team.

Getting started with the Figma App

  1. Sign up to Frontify

  2. Open your Projects tab in Frontify

  3. Open a specific project (or create a new one) and then select ‘New’ on the top right-hand corner > Click on Figma App.

4. Grant Access to Figma in Frontify (only for the first time) and Add your Figma Domain within the Figma App Interface

5. Browse the Figma file in the Frontify viewer

6. Select the Figma Elements (single or multiple select) you want to add to a Frontify Project

7. Add Figma Elements to Frontify your Project.

8. Invite all relevant team members to the projects to drive collaboration on designs

9. Start managing design assets through our built-in capabilities such as comments, Workflow, Metadata, tags, etc.

Bonus: Adding Figma Elements to Frontify Guidelines

Once you have added the first Figma design elements in a Frontify Project you can start embedding them into Frontify Guidelines. This is a powerful way to create a Design System within a wider Brand System.

Go to your Guidelines and create a content area (page) where you want to embed your UI-Elements or other design artifacts

Click edit > Select the Embed-Block

Select existing assets (the ones you have added in the first step) and embed them within the Guidelines

Augment the embedded design elements with other available content blocks to enrich them with more context.

Start sharing those Guidelines with your internal teams, external agencies, or partners, or even make them public by using our target feature.

Your Figma Elements are now ready to be used & shared across your company.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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