If you want to use your Typekit Fonts in Frontify, you have to do the following steps.
In your Typekit setting, you have to configure the use for Frontify.
You have to allow Frontify to use the Font over Typekit settings.

  1. In Typekit: Add *.frontify.com to your allowed domains
  2. Get your Typekit access token here (https://typekit.com/account/tokens)

In Frontify: 

  1. Add a Font Block over the "Edit Mode"
  2. Click the tab "Typekit" and enter your Typekit access token in the provided field
  3. Select a font from your list

Usually, Typekit integration takes around 15 minutes (or probably more) to load. If the problem persists, you may want to clear your cache and try to redo the process.

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