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Brand Guidelines

Discover Frontify Guidelines – the single source of truth for your brand

78 articles
Content EditorHow to edit your Guideline content with the Content Editor

Divider BlockHow to separate your Content Blocks with the Divider Block
Text Block: Column Breaks
Code Snippet BlockHow to reuse your code snippets in an easy way
Font Kit Content BlockHow to set up, download, and use your Font Kits
Quote BlockHow to incorporate the thoughts of others in your Brand Guidelines
How to Add Content BlocksContent Blocks make your Guidelines super-useful! Add content blocks for color, typography, icons, and more stuff.
Installation Guide for Figma Block SyncThe technical guide to setting up the Figma Content Block for your Guidelines
Replace an Image in the Image blockHow to replace an image without deleting the block
Callout BlockHow to create outstanding Callout information within your Guidelines
Audio BlockYou can upload, play and download audio files in your Frontify Guideline
Figma Content BlockStreamline your design system documentation and empower everybody to build your brand
Embed Block for GuidelinesDisplay external content in your Guidelines
Storybook Content BlockLearn how to display code components from Storybook in the Frontify Guidelines.
Color SwatchesHow to provide your color swatches as a download package for sharing between applications.
Do and Don't BlockDefine what can be done with your brand assets, and what not.
TablesHow to use the table block.
Asset submission blockEffortlessly upload your assets to Libraries and Projects without logging into Frontify.
CodeSandbox blockHere is everything you need to know about the CodeSandbox block

How can I hide the dashboard link in the left bottom corner in the Guideline?
Can I change the order of the collections and put them to the bottom whereas the assets are at the top?
Can I use an Anchor to link to content on the same page?
How can I set that every Menu Item at the top has the same Header settings and looks the same?
Can I change the background color of the Guideline?
Do I still have the internal and external Links after copying a Guideline?
Is it possible to change the width/size for the Guideline or a block?
How to Use Adobe FontsIntegrating Adobe Fonts into Frontify is easy.
How can I unpublish a Page?Sometimes, you are not ready to show your amazing work to the world. Therefore, you can unpublish the page. Only visible for Editors.
How to create an Image GridPlace multiple images on a single canvas.
How to Change Guideline Document TitlesLearn how to change the Top Navigation document titles.
How to change your Guideline name?Change a Guideline name in Frontify is very easy.
How to move a page between documents?Fast and easy. Move your page to another document.
How do I Cut & Paste page content?You can cut & paste a block to another page. Try it out.
How to use Icon Webfont Content blockA how-to for Frontify's Icon Webfont Block.
How to Use Your Own Brand's Fonts in FrontifySometimes you want to use your own font(s). You can do it.
My font does not appear, do I have to add it to every Guideline?
How can I manage my Navigation from getting too long?
My color is not here, is it because I didn't add it to the new Guideline?
Does Frontify support Multi-languages?
Can I “hide” pages that I am not ready to have live in my environment?
Can I link to another page within the Guideline or to a Media Library?
Is it possible to customize my page URLs?Domain Path
Where can I find the navigation settings for the side navigation and the home link or why do they not appear?
How can I sort pages and categories in the navigation?You want to have pages or categories in other positions. Let`s drag & drop them to the right position.
How to customize your GuidelineBrand consistency starts at the style of your guidelines. With Frontify, adjusting design settings is done within seconds.
Can I change the background color of the Cover Page?
How to build and customize your Cover PageYou've just activated the Cover Page, and want to know what it's capable of? This is the right article for you.
Deleting the Cover PageHow to remove your Cover Page
How to add Typo StylesDescribe your font styles and define which text color can be combined with which background color.
Why is the background color grey for the annotation block that I have added?
How do I add Buttons?
How do I add different color codes to the Color Block?
How do I add the CMYK color values to the “Colors” block?
Can I remove the timeline at the bottom of a video when someone hovers over it?
Can I edit a video (e.g. change size) ?
Can I change the background color of a block in the Guideline?
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