The cover page is the first impression of your brand, so it’s important to differentiate between your different target groups and take advantage of the flexibility to provide external users with different information as needed. With this in mind, we created the targets in sections of the cover page which you can enable to check that the design is as you want it to be based on the targets. This article will show you how to activate the target simulation on the cover page.

To set the target groups in your Frontify environment we suggest you have a look at the targets help article to have the targets available to set on the cover page.

If you still haven’t created your Cover Page, have a look at this Cover Page Article to start building it

Set Targets on the Cover Page

Targets can be set at a sectional level in your Cover Page, this means that if you wish each section of the page can have different target audiences.  

To set this up, simply set your Cover Page on edit mode (cmd+e) and go to the section you wish to target. When you hover over the section you will find a blue toolbar with the setting cogwheel to customize the section, along with a cut and delete option. 

Click on the cogwheel, a panel will appear and head to the Visibility section where you will have the option to set it to “All Viewers” or “Targeted.” 

Click on the Targeted option, where you will find targets you have previously set in your Style Guide and select the target group you’d like to make that section visible to. 

Simulate Targets

Once you have divided sections into the desired targets, you can now simulate them; meaning you will be able to check how a specific target group will see the Cover Page. 

Jump over to your Cover Page, click on the Targets icon on the Power Bar. 

A side panel will appear with two tabs to choose from: “Simulate targets” and “Simulate users.” In this case, stay on the Simulate targets tab. 

You can either start the simulation for All Viewers or the Target set. Just select a target group and click on “Start Simulation.” 

The page should reload to show the Cover Page as seen from the desired target. 

In this case, we took two sections from the Cover Page to have only the necessary information to be used internally. 

Once you have finished viewing, go back to the Targets icon on the Power Bar and click on “Stop Simulation” and go back to the original view of the Cover Page.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us for more information 

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