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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) integration for Frontify
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) integration for Frontify

Learn how to use your Frontify assets on your AEM suite.

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The Frontify integration for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) simplifies your content creation and the publishing workflow by allowing you to access your Frontify brand assets from within all AEM websites.

The Frontify AEM Connector allows you to create meaningful experiences by using Frontify brand assets in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). You can find and integrate your brand assets natively in the AEM authoring environment. Integrated assets are delivered as part of AEM pages and are linked to the Frontify CDN.

Before you start, read the basics of this integration.

System Requirements

To use this integration, you will need:

  • An existing Frontify account

  • Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 with installed SP4

  • AEM Connector to be installed on AEM (see Developer Guide)

Connect your Frontify assets with AEM

Refer to the installation packages and documents provided and make sure the installation of the AEM connector takes place smoothly.

Step 1: Log in to your AEM suite

AEM Connector


After successful deployment, the AEM Connector requires initial configuration through an AEM system administrator.

Cloud Connectivity

1. Configure the Custom Cloud Configuration on the server in Configuration under “Adobe Experience Manager > Tools > Cloud Services > Legacy Cloud Services".

This opens the Cloud Services section. Scroll down to find the Frontify configuration.

2. Create a new cloud configuration under “Frontify > Show Configurations“ by clicking “Available Configurations > [+] …“

3. Create a new page from the template “Frontify AEM cloud configuration”. Choose any title and any name.

4. Click on “Edit” to enter the connectivity.

5. Click OK.

Start Using Frontify Assets

Once you have finished the configuration, you are ready to access your Frontify brand assets.

1. Start by creating a new content page under the configured Site root.

2. Click on “Frontify Assets” icon in the Content Finder panel to authenticate.

Log into your Frontify Account and authorize access to your brand assets.

3. Optional: choose a filter to reduce the list of Frontify images, or browse through your images to find the desired one. Then drag and drop it into any AEM component that supports Frontify assets.

4. Click the edit icon to add custom metadata or adjust the width of the asset.

5. Preview your page by clicking the ‘Preview’ button at the top right-hand corner of the page.

6. Click Save

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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