Both exporting (saving as a PDF) and printing your Style Guide are possible in the same way - by selecting to "Print" your Style Guide and then either printing it or saving it as a PDF. Here's how:

  1. Click on Share

2. Select the tab "Print & PDF"

3. Click on the Print button

Frontify will now prepare your Style Guide for printing:

At this point, a popup box will appear and you can choose to print or save as a PDF.

To Print:

Simply select your printer and print as you would any document from your computer.
Please be sure to select to "Activate Background Graphics" from the print dialogue box to show colors or background colors in the print:

Note: Opening the print dialogue over the shortcut CMD + P (Mac) or CTRL + P (Windows) will show only one Page of your Style Guide and will not print all Pages within the Document.

To Save as a PDF

Simply select to "Save as PDF" instead of selecting a printer.

Note: Please be aware that the Style Guide will not be saved with all documents at once - you have to print/save as PDF all documents in your Style Guide separately. 

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