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SSO - ADFS Configuration Example
SSO - ADFS Configuration Example

This example shows you how to configure ADFS for Frontify.

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SSO (Single Sign On) is fast and convenient way for login for all the employees. With SSO you can give automatic viewing access to all (or parts of) employees of your company.
SSO is available for Enterprise accounts as an add-on. For more details, check our intro and FAQ.
To start the SSO setup, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.
Once in the setup process, you can use the example below if you use ADFS.

Claim Rules

Select Edit Claim Rules -> Issuance Transform Rules -> Add Rule

And add another rule:

Here is another example with more pictures πŸ™‚

Troubleshooting: Error when trying to read Frontify Metadata

If the Frontify metadata link for monitoring is entered and the below error pops up, the solution is to check the order of the claim rules.

This order of claim rules is correct and fixes the error from above:


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