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Asset Analytics is visible for Editors and Account Admins.

Asset Analytics

The asset analytics view contributes an additional source of information for specific assets.

Asset-specific usage data can be accessed by opening the asset and clicking on the analytics icon on the Power Bar.

Any asset stored in Frontify either in your Libraries or Projects, has the Analytics View, including different image formats.

In this view, the information that is tracked is:

  • Assets views and downloads
    Here, you will see how many times an asset has been viewed and downloaded in a specific location of Frontify, e.g., Brand Guidelines, Guideline pages, Library pages, or Libraries. If given the permissions, you would have access to where the asset has been added within the different Guidelines, giving you a direct link to where the asset is exactly located by clicking on it.

  • External asset usage
    This section shows you how many times an asset has been used externally in a specific location, e.g., the company website.
    Note: We surface external usage as # of requests, which is an aggregation of views and downloads since we technically can't distinguish views and downloads for external tracking (CDN) events.

  • Usage & Adoption of the integration ecosystem
    This shows how many views and downloads are generated, e.g., from assets surfaced by any integration.

    Note: There might be some external tracking (CDN) events that don't originate/ we can't associate with one of our integrations. Those will be populated within the 'Other' section.

  • Statistics on specific filters
    This shows the internal and external usage stats by filtering for a specific version of an asset and/or timeline to increase the meaningfulness of the stats.

    Note: The timeline and version filter are conditional, meaning that based on the user selection, filter capabilities will be adjusted automatically to prevent any filter conflicts so we can ensure to provide meaningful stats.

In case you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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