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Learn how to use to connect your Frontify environment

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The integration for Frontify is available on any plan and is free to use. But you will require your own license.

We recommend reading the technical Setup Guide (from to get started with the setup of this integration.

With the Integration, you can connect Frontify with over 500 ready-to-use connectors available through the ecosystem. This integration makes it easy to build automated workflows in a low-code environment and connect Frontify to anything!

Use Case – Uploading an asset into a Frontify library.

Below is an exemplary workflow built on to showcase a potential scenario of how you can benefit from this integration.


Let’s imagine that you’ve stored your brand assets on Google Drive or any other custom DAM living in the cloud. To ensure brand consistency, you may want to keep all of your assets in one place - Frontify.


By using the Frontify Integration for, you can create a low-code workflow that automates such tasks. Below is a sample of such a workflow that downloads an image from G-Drive. It includes the upload to Frontify and the transfer of custom metadata.

This example shows a straightforward workflow solving a basic use case. is way more powerful. It allows you to build complete integrations to connect Frontify with either one of the 500+ pre-built connectors or to rely on its platform to create the integration from scratch with the application you need.

Take a look at this blog post that explains what to consider when building your connected brand ecosystem

If you require further assistance or information, reach out to our Support or your Customer Success Manager.

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