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How to customize your Guideline
How to customize your Guideline

Brand consistency starts at the style of your guidelines. With Frontify, adjusting design settings is done within seconds.

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By clicking on the cogwheel on your Power Bar (on the left-hand side), you can easily customize the design of your Frontify Guidelines.

You have several options to do so. The list below is non-comprehensive but should give you some inspiration on where to start:

  • Navigation; Change the number of navigation points you show and how they are displayed

  • Header: Customize the color, background image, and size of your header

  • Content: Customize the color, line height, size, and much more for the text areas in your Guideline. You can change those settings per text type (H1, H2, ..., Quote)

  • Accent Colors: Define the color you want to be displayed in content blocks, such as the callout block

  • Buttons: Customize your buttons' default and hover states. You can define colors, background colors, borders, and many other things.

Just jump into it - customization of Guideline couldn't be easier.

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