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How to add and showcase assets on your Guidelines.

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The new Image block allows you to add visuals to your guidelines to enrich your user's guideline experience and showcase your visual style. Built using the new Brand SDK technology, now you have even more options to customize your blocks to be on-brand.

Start in edit mode, click on the add option, and add the Image block from the list.

Once you add the block, you can upload an image from your computer or browse an asset from your Frontify environment using the asset chooser. 

Now that the image has been uploaded – if you need to change its name, click in the field with the name and overwrite it. The file name will not be changed when downloading it; only the name that will be shown in Frontify changes.


You can add an attachment from your computer or browse other assets from your Frontify environment.

When clicking on the settings icon on the right side of the image, you will find several options to edit your image.

It gives you the option to replace the image with another image in Frontify or upload it directly from your computer. 


In terms of appearance, you can select a mode you prefer, such as having text on the different sides of the image. You can set these options in the "Layout" section.

Additionally, you can choose the image's alignment, the ratio to text, and the padding around it. You can even customize the size of the padding according to your preferences.


Background Color: Do you need a background color? This is useful for transparent images. You can set it here.

You can also set borders for your images or modify the corner radius.


You can follow your global security settings for your images or set custom settings for each asset, allowing or forbidding image downloads.

To add a link to an image, just upload the image on the image block by either uploading it from your files or choosing it from your Frontify libraries. When the image has been set in edit mode, head to the image settings, where you will find the field "Link".

A pop-up screen will appear, allowing you to link to a page or document within Frontify or a link to an external page. You also have the choice to open the link in a new tab by ticking the box. 

When you exit the edit mode and click on the image, you will be redirected to the link you specified in the settings. 

Image title and description

For the titles and descriptions, you are able to utilize our rich text editor capabilities for refining your text and making it fully on-brand.

Simply double-click on the title or the description and the panel will show up.

Choose from your predefined text styles and make the assets seamlessly fit into your guidelines.

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