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What's Changed?

What's Different?


Your content blocks are the core of your Brand Guidelines, but the content block settings are the DNA behind them.

Starting in April 2022, we are giving our Content Block settings a fresh new look and feel to give you even more freedom to build and manage your Guidelines as you want. Also, with these updates, your Guidelines are prepared for even more customization in the future.

If you are a Frontify Editor, take a look at some of the recent changes to the Content Block settings in your Guidelines.

What’s changed?

Let’s have a look at what’s changed with the Content Block settings by looking at an example of the Image Block settings.

Old New

What’s Different?

1 – The location of the settings

The old sidebar would pop up on the screen and cover up some of the Guidelines. With the new settings, you can access them on the right side of your screen, giving you more space to work on your settings.

2 – New sidebar

As you can see in the previous screenshots, the old sidebar offered many selections to choose from for editing content blocks without much flow or navigation. Also, the structure of the settings would change depending on the specific setting which was accessed. The new sidebar provides breadcrumb navigation so you’ll never get lost in your settings.

The new settings also follow a similar structure for each block setting to help you find exactly what you are looking for quicker.

3 – More accessibility settings

We utilize React Aria, which provides accessibility and behavior according to WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices, including full-screen reader and keyboard navigation support. All components have been built to ensure the best experience possible for all users.

  1. Screen reader support - More assistive technology support for people with disabilities.

  2. Keyboard navigation - Open up a content block and access the settings. Click 'tab’ to navigate through the clickable elements in the sidebar. You can move forward with the arrows and you can open a specific section by clicking ‘enter’.

4 – New settings features

Link Chooser - In your Image Block Settings, you now have access to the new link chooser, which allows you to connect your brand content. Simply access the settings and the ‘Content’ section, and you will be able to find internal and add external links to your content within Frontify. Consider this your personal call-to-action (CTA) section to attract your users to your Frontify content.

Target Selection - In your Content Block settings, you can choose to grant access to specific groups of people, or targets, to view the specific Content Block. Not sure how it works? Check out the short text below the Targets section for further guidance.


Image Block: Under ‘Security’ there is a Global Settings option - What does this mean?

You can select between "Global Settings" and "Custom". If you select "Global Settings" the security restrictions for downloading assets as defined globally apply. If you select "Custom" you can enable downloads for this specific block.

Grayed-out menus: In some Block settings I see a grayed-out dropdown at the top which is deactivated.

We plan to introduce more block "types" in the future. At the moment the main dropdown is disabled for blocks, that only have one type for now.

Will these new settings change the layout or content in my existing Guidelines?

No, nothing in your existing Guidelines will be affected.

Where is the 2x setting for the Image Block?

In the image block settings under the ‘Content’ section, you will find the 2x option to display images in a scale factor of 2.0 for high-resolution displays.

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