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How to Change Guideline Document Titles
How to Change Guideline Document Titles

Learn how to change the Top Navigation document titles.

Updated over a week ago

The navigation links in the Top Navigation menu are called documents.

You can easily change the titles of any of these documents in the Navigation Manager following these simple steps.

The Navigation Manager is located on the Power Bar on the left side of your screen. When clicking on the Navigation Manager's icon.

Once you are within the Navigation Manager, you can change the Document Titles in two ways.

1) Through the "Action Menu"
Click on the Action Menu - the three dots next to the title you want to change.

Simply click in the title field to change or edit the name.

2) Through the Quick actions feature

Double-click on the title field and easily change or edit the name.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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