We know that you might have a large number of assets in your libraries and projects, and keeping track of names and locations can be difficult. This is why integrated an asset filter – saving you time and allowing you to find assets in different ways. 

The asset filter can be found on the top of your libraries and projects in the backend of your brand space.

The asset filter option has a comprehensive filter system that allows you to search by keywords:

In addition to keywords, you can also search by manually created tags and AI-based auto-tags:

Select Metadata 

In case you want to search based on Metadata values, it can be also done using the Metadata tab in the filter search. This applies to the Select metadata values. 

Or, you search for the status of an asset and the user that has uploaded an asset: 

Once you have written a keyword or selected a tag, the filter will allow you to search by location as well. Choose if you’d like to browse the current folder, current and sub-folders, or the entire project. 

The asset filter is a fast and easy way to search for your assets, so make sure to check it out. If you have any questions, don't be shy. We’re happy to help. 

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