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Zoom in Viewer Mode

We’ve made image-zooming easier, based on the type of files you’re looking at.

Updated over a week ago

When looking at any type of image in the viewer, the zoom ranges from auto to 100%.

If the full image is bigger than the size of the screen, it can be moved from left to right, as well as from up top to down below. 

When it comes to templates and designs used mainly for the Digital & Print Templates in the Workspace, the zoom can reach 200%

These templates are in some cases used for print, where 140% shows the actual size, giving you a nearly exact view of how the final product will look like. The maximum zoom of 200% would give you a more detailed view that works perfectly in case you have smaller templates, such as business cards. 

We hope this has helped you get to know the zoom feature a bit better. If you’d like to know more – don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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