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Creative Collaboration
Creative Collaboration

Work on Projects in a more collaborative way

24 articles

How to Prototype within Frontify ProjectsPrototyping within Frontify Projects to bring your ideas to life
Projects – Using Workflows to organize your ProjectsWorkflow allows you to plan and organize your Workspace projects with a Kanban board.
Projects – Archiving of a ProjectLearn how to organize your projects throughout Frontify
How to get started with WorkflowThis article gives an overview of the Workflow feature and explains the main functionality.
How to get the most out of WorkflowWorkflow has many advanced features that help you to organize your design workflows even more efficiently.
Feedback and Approval ProcessHow feedbacks and approval processes can increase your team’s collaboration and efficiency.
Zoom in Viewer ModeWe’ve made image-zooming easier, based on the type of files you’re looking at.
Multipage PDF CommentingLearn how to use the multipage PDF Commenting feature.
Video CommentingComment on entire videos or in single sequences.
Advanced External Content EmbeddingHow to embed external content in Projects
How to create a Project and link it to your GuidelineIf you create a new project, you will be asked on which Guideline you want to base your project – here's why
Inspect mode for FrontifyMeet the Frontify Inspect mode for Sketch files, enabling a smoother design-to-development handover
Project TemplatesA smart way to kickstart every new Project
The project information briefKickstart your projects with the project information brief.
Adding metadata to ProjectsThis article wants to explain how to add metadata to projects and the steps required to create a brand-new Project.
Personal Projects AccessHow to give access to your personal projects