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Learn the two ways to create publications with the Frontify Templates

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With Frontify templates, you can create publications that are always on brand, thanks to restrictions and presets set by your branding team.

You can create a publication in two ways: via the Projects or the Brand Guidelines.

Creating a Publication via Projects

We assume your design team has already set up a beautiful Template Library. When you're in the Projects section, click on the 'New' button on the top right of the environment and select 'Publication.'

You can also create a video template publication from this drop-down menu. Check out this article to learn more about creating a video template publication.

In the window that appears, choose the design template you want to use, give it a name, and click on the button on the bottom to create a new publication. Then, you can start adjusting the editable components – based on the restrictions set by your designers – in your newly created publication.

Edit your publication

Edit & View Mode

There are mainly two important functions in the powerbar on the left side that you should know: the "Edit" functionality with the pencil icon and the "View" functionality with the eye icon.

The "View" functionality allows you to see a preview of the final output of your publication. This is what the downloaded file will look like. After you have made some changes to your publication, you need to refresh the preview via the "Refresh Preview" button at the bottom of the page.

You can edit your publication when you are in "Edit" mode (i.e., the pen is active).

You can edit everything that your designers defined to be editable. You can check which elements are editable in two ways:

  • Hover over the elements on your publication and check which ones are highlighted with a purple frame.

  • Go to the "Layers" tab on the left side. Editable elements have a "pen" icon.

On publications, you can edit the content itself (text or images) and/or customize text color, background colors, font sizes, etc., too - always depending on what your Corporate Design allows.

Edit Text

When editing text, there are three ways your designer sets up editing rules for the text itself:

  • Free text (double-click in the text box and write your text).

  • Text snippets (predefined single text snippets that you can choose from).

  • Content combinations from a table (predefined text combinations that you can choose from a table). Suppose you are additionally allowed to change the text or some settings manually. In that case, you will get a selection option whether you want to select the data from your external source or make manual adjustments.

Edit Images

If you have permission to change an image, there are a few options your designers can allow:

  • Upload your image and access images that are on Frontify.

  • Choose from a predefined selection of images.

  • Cropping of the image allowed or not allowed.

Change Settings

Your template administrators can define specific setting changes (such as colors, visibility, and position) for all editable elements. These are visible on the right side of the page and can be controlled there.

Download Publication

When the design is complete, just download the asset by clicking on the button on the top right, and choose the best publication format (PDF, PNG, or JPG) depending on how you want to use it.

If your template administrator has specified specific download settings, only those options will be displayed.


The template administrator may have determined that certain publications must go through an approval process before downloading is possible. If this is the case, a message indicating the approval will appear when you try to download it.

You will not be able to download the publication until the approver has approved it. You will be informed about their feedback by e-mail.

Duplicate a Publication in the Project Section

If you want to duplicate a publication, click on the three dots at the bottom right in the overview on the publication to be duplicated and select "duplicate." Your duplicated publication will then be displayed in the overview and provided with the additional information "(Duplicate)."

Move a Publication in the Project Section

If you use multiple projects and want to move your publication to another project, select it by clicking the box at the top left of your publication in the project overview. Then move it to the desired project.

Create a Publication via Guidelines

The second way to create publications is through the Brand Guidelines. If your designers have set up a "template block" in the guidelines, you can create a publication by clicking on the grey content block. You can choose the location for the publication and give it a name. The publication will then open in a new tab.

The remaining steps are the same as described in the section above.

There you have it. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you have. We're happy to help.

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