Frontify is the single source of truth for all brand-related assets and offers a plugin for Adobe XD. The plugin simplifies the use of brand definitions and assets, allowing you to find on-brand collateral and information, without ever leaving your design tool ecosystem. You can use the plugin to:

- Access and import your brand colors

- Access and import your brand typography

- Access your Icon Library

- Access assets from your Media Library

- Access logos from your Logo Library

All of the above can be conveniently located within the Frontify Plugin for Adobe XD.

1. How to Install the Frontify Plugin

When you’ve downloaded Adobe XD, go to the Plugins Panel to find the Frontify plugin. These can be accessed in three ways:

By clicking on “Plugins” on your Top Menu Bar and then “Discover Plugins” – search for “Frontify.”

The second option is to click the plugins icon 

on the lower left-hand corner of your screen. On the left panel of the screen, click the plus (+) sign to add a new plugin. Search for “Frontify.”

You can also get the Frontify plugin directly by using this link.

2. How to Start with the Frontify Plugin

Click “Install” on Frontify in the Adobe XD plugin listing, and you will find it in your list of plugins. 

3. Sign In to Your Frontify Environment

You will now need to connect it to your brand by signing in, and allowing access to Adobe XD. 

Once you have granted access, go back to Adobe XD and click on the blue button “Ready” on the left-hand panel. 

4. Navigate Between Your Brands

The Frontify plugin will present you with your different brands, you can switch between them whenever you wish. 

5. Begin Using the Assets

To start using the assets, you can either open a document or start from a blank design. You can open a design you are working on in order to add brand assets, or you can start a blank document straight in Adobe XD.

6. Access Your Brand Colors from Adobe XD

You can access all colors defined in your Frontify brand guidelines. Navigate to the “Color” tab to find your color palettes. You can select and use those colors immediately by clicking them to fill a shape or use it as border color, for example. You can also import them to Adobe’s standard assets panel.

7. Access Your Brand Typography from Adobe XD

You can apply text styles defined within Frontify "Typo Styles" block directly to text layers within Adobe XD. Please note that the "Fonts" block is not accessible from Adobe XD - you must have added a "Typo Styles" block to use your fonts in Adobe XD. Select the text you want to style, choose a text style, and apply one of your pre-defined brand colors to it. You can also import your text styles to Adobe’s native assets panel.

8. Access Your Icon Library from Adobe XD

Browse your icons and conveniently copy them to your clipboard – ready to be used in your design.

9. Access Your Media Library from Adobe XD

You have access to your Media Library’s assets and can add them as a fill to any shape layer. The images will be downloaded at the smallest possible resolution based on the size of the selected layer. If you decide to increase the shape’s size later, just click on the Media Library panel image again to make sure the image has the appropriate resolution. 

10. Access Your Logo Library from Adobe XD

As with your icons, you can also browse your logos and copy them to your designs. 

Ready to get started? Download the Frontify plugin for Adobe XD now.

If you want to know more about the Frontify plugin head to our blog post for more information.

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