Media Library for End-users

Here’s a detailed explanation of how to best navigate through the Media Library and get to your desired assets quickly.

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The Media Library is your go-to place to find all your company’s assets. In the Media Library, you'll find that related assets could be grouped into collections based on topics, projects, or similar properties.

As a registered user, you can also create your own ‘Personal Collection’, as shown below. A ‘Personal Collection’ will always have an icon in the middle that indicates it’s a private collection – meaning it is made for your eyes only.

And, remember, you don’t need to spend hours downloading each individual asset. Download an entire collection in one click, as shown in the GIF below. If the collection you’re downloading includes copyrighted assets, you’ll get a copyright notice popup where all the copyright notices will be displayed.

On the other hand, sometimes you only want that one logo, video asset, or team photo from last year’s social. To download a single asset, click on your chosen asset, choose the desired size, and click the download button.

We like to help keep your day-to-day workflow smooth and simple, and as email-free as possible. So if a specific asset needs approval before use, a short ‘Request Download’ form will pop up. Fill it in and you’ll soon receive the yes or no from the assigned account admin in your team. Only registered users can request this form, but it’s a great way to avoid email back-and-forths and keep everybody happy.

By the way, if you are viewing the Media Library as an unregistered user, you’ll receive the error message (shown below) when downloading a protected asset. So make sure to register on your company’s account so that you’re always ready-to-go.

Searching for Assets in Media Library

Need a quick asset for Social? Thousands of assets to sift through? Here are some quick tips to speed up your workflow. The fastest way to find what you’re looking for in the Media Library is to use the ‘Search’ box and the numerous filtering options available.

Use the ‘AND’ search command when you’re looking for assets with more than one keyword.

And use the ‘OR’ search command when you’re looking for assets with either keyword.

In case you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact your account admin.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful and wish you success in all your brand engagements.

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