Send a list of recent Guideline updates using the Changelog.

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Frontify will keep track of your changes in the Changelog. The Changelog allows you to communicate recent changes to other users. The Changelog takes into account all the content added to your platform. Updates and deletions are not listed; library documents are also excluded from the Changelog list.

You can find this in your guideline settings:

You can use the toggles on the left to exclude certain changes from the Changelog. Recipients of the Changelog will only see updates that you have kept toggled on.

Select “Create Changelog” to send this list of Guideline updates to the group members you choose:

You find the “Create Changelog” button scrolling all the way down your changelog feed. You can send the Changelog link to editors, translators, owners, or viewers, along with a note.

Recipients will receive an email with a link to the recent Changelog:

Note: Remember to clear the Changelog between Changelog email updates since the log may quickly become very large.

*Available on Enterprise Plans.

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