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How to contact Frontify Support
How to contact Frontify Support
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We want to ensure that you get all the information and support you need, to help you make the most of your experience with Frontify.

Check out information about the Product here or find informative help articles here on how to get started with Frontify or the answer you are searching for. Additionally, you can look at helpful training videos here.

You haven’t found the right answer to your question? No worries, you can reach out to the Frontify Support Team and we are happy to help you.

Below you can find a description on the best ways to get support for your platform:

Request Type

Questions & Problems

Check out the training videos

(As Enterprise Customer you are entitled to receive faster responses)

Approach your Customer Success Manager if you have one

Bugs/issues that prevent you from using Features or completely block your workflow in Frontify

Approach your Customer Success Manager if you have one

Ideas / Feature Request

You can submit your ideas here by clicking on the «submit idea» button at the top right corner.

Get started with Frontify (pricing)

Start a Trial or book a demo here to learn more about the features and pricing

Updates / News


Frontify has a Public API that can be used to build apps and integrations on the Frontify platform. You will find our Public API Documentation on the Frontify Developer Platform.

If you find you have any feedback, questions, or issues as you work on your integration, please take advantage of these resources:

How to contact the Frontify Support Team

1. Contact us over the In-APP Live chat

Click on the chat bubble that appears in the right corner at the bottom when you are on your Frontify platform:

Now you can search for articles or directly start chatting with the Frontify Support Team.

2. Contact us over Email Support:

You can reach us over email at

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