You can follow these step and check after each step if the problem has been resolved:

  1. Log out and log back into Frontify in the browser

  2. Restart Sketch and the Sketch Frontify Plugin

  3. Reinstall the Plugin in Sketch (go to Plugins > right click on the Frontify Plugin in the list > click "Uninstall Plugin" and delete the configuration file)

To delete the configuration file, do the following:

On your computer, there is a Frontify folder within Home Folder (/Home/Frontify). To find it and a delete the hidden config folder created by the Sketch Plugin please follow these steps (on a Mac):

- In Finder, press Shift+Command+H. You'll land in the Home folder.

- Go to Frontify folder and in the folder hold Cmd + Shift + . (dot)

- This makes the hidden files visible you'll see a .config folder. Delete it.

If none of the above steps helped, please contact the Frontify Support Team and let them know which steps you have already tried and what device and browser you are using.

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