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You wonder why you're not seeing all the brands you were invited too? Click on switch account.

Updated over a week ago

With the new Frontify Version, we have changed the way to see all the brands you were invited too. Why we did this change. It is due to security reasons.

But it's very easy to come to the other brands.

1. Click on "Switch Account"


2. Choose the account of the user who invited you.

I will explain it a bit more to you.
Me (Frank) logged in and I will see the Frontify Brand.
But I am missing some brands of my colleagues who have invited me to work with them on their brands/projects.

In the screenshot, you will see that I am having invitations from:
Frontify (Colleague A),
Frontify (Colleague B),
Remo (Colleague C),
Hesenius (Me Privat),
Monobrand (Colleague D)

If I will now work within one of the accounts, then I've to click on it and then I will see the brand.
As an example. I wanna work on the brand from Remo.
He invited me. Therefore it is in the account list.
After the click on the account "Remo", I see the brand I was invited too.
And I can start immediately.

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