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Security – Anti-malware Protection for Uploaded Assets
Security – Anti-malware Protection for Uploaded Assets

Uploaded files are scanned for malware and will be locked (no download possible) if infected

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What & Why

Our built-in anti-malware service protects individual computers from all kinds of malware.

Frontify scans your environment for all types of malicious software that may manage to reach the computer. This service is here to keep personal computers and personal information protected.

What do I need to know?

  • Malware scanning is enabled for all accounts and all types of files by default. Every asset (smaller than 25 MB) uploaded to Frontify is asynchronously checked for malware. If malicious files are detected, they will get tagged in the underlying storage. This action prevents anyone from downloading this asset.

  • What happens when malware protects an infected asset? As mentioned, the asset will be tagged as infected, blocking any access to the asset itself. Additionally, the support team gets notified to take action if necessary.

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