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How to set up, download, and use your Font Kits

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Font Kits allow users to download on-brand fonts from your Frontify Brand Guidelines. By setting up the Font Kit Content Block in your Guidelines, your team can easily access your brand fonts for use online or in apps.

Set up Font Kits

First, you’ll need to set up your fonts in your Brand Guidelines. You can download and use your Font Kit only if your font is previously uploaded as a self-hosted file.

Then add the Font Kit Block to your Brand Guidelines by activating the Edit Mode in the power bar and selecting the Typography or the Sharing Block sections. You can also search ‘Font Kit’ in the search bar.

Once downloaded, your users will find the font as a zip file and in a ttf. web font format when opened.

Now your users are free to install the new font file wherever they need it.

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