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Creating Video Templates through Storyteq and using them in Frontify
Creating Video Templates through Storyteq and using them in Frontify

Learn how to easily create and use video templates in Frontify by leveraging on the Storyteq integration.

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Content overview:

With the Storyteq integration, you can easily create reusable video templates to distribute to your end-users in Frontify. Read through the following steps to make the best use of the integration.

Creating a new video template in Storyteq

With the Template Builder you can create a video template by going to the Templates-page in Storyteq and clicking the Create Template button in the top right of your screen.

You can choose to create your video from scratch using the web-based online editor from Storyteq, or by using the after effects plugin to import a pre-created video.

Template Builder Flow:

  1. Pick your Template type
    At the top of the modal you see three tabs: do you want to create a (1) Video, (2) Image or (3) Banner template. This decides whether you want to create a:

  • Video file (MP4) with an image fallback (JPEG)

  • Image file (JPEG or PNG)

  • HTML5 banner file (ZIP) an image fallback (PNG).

2. Pick a size
You can choose from presets that are commonly used. Or you can create a custom size by typing in the width and height on the right side of the pop-up.

3. Fill in a Template Name
Create a name for your new video, image or banner template.

4. Decide your Size Name
You can adjust the name of your Size (e.g. Long Rectangle or 4:5, etc). The size naming can be important when you have multiple sizes, which you can easily add in a later stage. You can always adjust the name of your sizes later on.

5. Set Duration and FPS (optional)
If you want to create a video or a banner template you can adjust the Duration in seconds and the FPS (frames per second). You can always adjust these later on.

6. Press Create Template

Using After effects plugin

  1. Check the instructions here

Edit a video template directly in Frontify

Once there is a video template available in Frontify, your end users will be able to access it via an embedded integration, where they can directly use the template to create their own variation (always ensuring to be on-brand!), without leaving the Frontify platform.

Here you see how it is possible to import and use a video template created in Storyteq directly into Frontify:

1. Go to the Projects tab in the backend;

2. Click on the ‘New’ button on the top right;

3. Navigate to the Storyteq integration option in the dropdown;

As an alternative to that, you can also directly trigger the video template chooser over a link from your guidelines. These links need to be manually created with the brand id and the guideline ID and we recommend opening them in a new tab.

Link to create media in personal projects:

Pick the data-brand and data-project from the source code of your guideline page.

Link to create media in a regular project:

Pick the URL of the project you want to create the video to, add /publish?storyteq at the end.

4. The video template library will open, where the user will find all the available video templates;

5. Select the video template to use;

6. Give your template a name;

7. Start to edit it in the iFrame;

8. Press save and your video will be processed and available in the project you're in!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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