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Productivity integration for Frontify integration for Frontify

Learn how to transfer Frontify assets to tasks and upload attachments from tasks to Frontify projects and libraries.

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To start using the integration, you need to:

  • enable integration for their domain (contact your CSM)

  • install integration (more details here)

Introduction is a work management tool that helps brand builders to manage their daily processes: centralizing brand assets, defining and tracking tasks, collaborating and communicating, and managing timelines.

The integration is bidirectional, consisting of 2 main flows:

  1. From Frontify to - the “download flow”

  2. From to Frontify - the “upload flow.”

After the Frontify app is installed on, you need to add it to your board.

The download flow

Users can attach Frontify images to tasks. After connecting your Frontify instance, you can search for the image you want to add to your

If the user is not logged in, the authorization process starts, and the user should allow the integration app to access Frontify libraries and projects.

Let’s say you want to import an image from Frontify to Monday because you want that to be modified. You take your image from one of your Frontify libraries and upload it to the task. You can search by typing your image Title in the search assets bar, picking your folders/collections and looking into them, or just browsing as in the gif below.

The green banner that opens up at the top of the screen means you moved the visual from Frontify to the task.

Now that your file is in your task, you can access it directly from the UI.

You can display the details of a task and click on the “Frontify Asset” tab. If you do not see the “Frontify Asset” tab, then please check the installation guide and follow the instructions to add the Frontify view to your dashboard.

Opening the image, you have the possibility:

  • To comment - for example, to brief designers on what is needed to change on a visual and/or to notify once the design is final.

  • Compare versions,

  • Search other visuals in the gallery,

  • Or get more information about the file, i.e., dimensions, who uploaded the file, and when.

The upload flow

After you upload the images, you may want to upload back the image in Frontify. You can do that with the upload flow.

Choose the image and then send it to the destination folder. With Frontify Finder, you can easily navigate your Frontify folder structure, placing the assets where you need them. Please note that Frontify and integration picks the files from the Files column on, not from the Files gallery. See the below screenshot.

Now you are ready to start your digital campaign with the modified image you require.

And that’s all, thanks for reading this article.

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