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SharePoint Integration for Frontify
SharePoint Integration for Frontify

Learn how to embed your assets from Frontify on SharePoint

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To start using SharePoint Integration you need:

  • To install SharePoint integration (more details here)

  • To enable SharePoint integration for your domain (contact Customer Support).

The Frontify integration for SharePoint lets you enjoy the benefits of both SharePoint and Frontify without the hassle of logging in and out to upload images. These systems work in tandem to streamline your team's workflows and efficiency.

With the integration in place, it will be possible creating on-brand documents and commercial or team sites pulling assets directly from your Frontify Media Libraries.

Build SharePoint Pages with Frontify Assets

Once completed the installation (more details here) and customer support has enabled the integration for your domain, you are ready to connect Frontify and SharePoint.

Let’s see how to use Frontify Assets (through Frontify Finder) to build SharePoint pages. From your browser (please do not use your browser in private/incognito mode) go to the SharePoint page where you want to add assets and tap on the edit button at the top right of your screen.

Then choose the block where you want to pull media assets from Frontify and press the “+” button.

There you can find the Frontify picker among the web parts.

Clicking on “Allow Access” will enable the connection between the two software. That will happen at your first login. Then it will be automatically linked to your domain.

Once the connection is active, use Frontify’s search capabilities to find the right assets for the right content experiences. Choose the Brand and the Media Library you want. From there, pick an asset that automatically will move into your SharePoint environment. You can choose, for example, approved brand media assets from a project.

Easy peasy. We hope you find this article useful. If you require further assistance or information, reach out to your CSM or the support team.

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