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Everything you need to know to start using Content Blocks through the Marketplace

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Required permissions

Only Account Admins can install Content Blocks via the Marketplace.

Table of Content

1 What – Marketplace

The built-in Marketplace is a central distribution hub for Content Blocks. As for now, you can think of it as a growing repository of Content Blocks that gives you advanced capabilities for building world-class Guidelines. By adding the tailor-made Content Blocks, you can customize and enrich your Guidelines with Content Blocks.

Every Content Block comes with a detailed page that includes context about the main functionality of a specific Content Block.

2 Why – expanding the power of Brand Guidelines

Content Blocks come in various types and are designed to build Guidelines serving different use cases, such as creating a Brand Portal, or a Partner Portal, enriching your Design System documentation, and many other possibilities. The Marketplace is a growing ecosystem, so check the availability of new Content Blocks frequently.

3 How to – create Guidelines by using Content Blocks

You can add Content Blocks to the Block Chooser by leveraging the Marketplace.

Once the Account Admin installs a Content Block, all other users with editing rights can start using the new Content Block in the Guidelines.

We get you covered: All existing Content Blocks will still be available in the Block Chooser (no action required).

4 Getting started

Note: Only Account Admins can install Content Blocks

Adding existing Content Blocks from the Marketplace into your own Frontify Environment is simple.

Here’s the overview of the steps required to make Content Blocks available for your teams:

  • Step 1: Click on your user icon within the Power Bar (bottom, left)

  • Step 2: Open the Marketplace

  • Step 3: Browse the list of available Content Blocks. We differentiate between Content Blocks that are already installed (green checkmark), Content Blocks that are up for your selection, and Content Blocks that aren't installed.

  • Step 4: Click on the "Install" button for a specific Content Block

  • Step 5: Configure the Content Block to your particular needs (within the actual Guidelines)

5 Install, update and uninstall Content Blocks

Note: Only Account Admins can install, update and uninstall Content Blocks.

5.1 Install a Content Block

You can install a Content Block from the Marketplace card in the overview or via the detail view.

5.2 Updating a Content Block

Some Content Blocks might get updates over time due to bug fixes or enhanced functionality. Once an update is available, the Account Admin can decide to proceed with the update. Release notes are available if a new version is provided.

Updating a Content Block follows the same pattern as installing a block. To edit to the latest release, click the “Update Available” button on the Block Details page and select “Update.”

Will an update break my Content Blocks? In most cases, no. If there is a breaking change, the developer will notify and add the changes in the release notes.

5.3 Uninstall Content Blocks

To uninstall a Content Block, click the “Installed on Guidelines” button and select “Uninstall” from the menu. This option can also be found in the Version history panel of the currently installed version.

What happens to existing content blocks that are used in Guidelines? The Content Block disappears from the Block Chooser, and all the content blocks in use will be removed.

6 Create custom Content Blocks

Additionally, the Marketplace can serve as a distribution channel for third-party developers to make content Content Blocks available. Expand the platform's ecosystem and create a more vibrant and active community.

Are you missing any Content Blocks in the Marketplace? With the power of our Frontify Developer Platform, you can create custom Content Blocks by utilizing the power of the Brand SDK.

A custom Content Block example

Your Content Blocks can be shared publicly across all Frontify users, or you can

label them as private to only make them available for your Brand Guidelines.

Explore our Brand SDK documentation and build your first Content Block via our Partner network.


Q: What happens when a Content Block (in use) gets uninstalled?

The Content Block disappears from the Block Chooser, and all the Content Blocks already in use will be removed from your Guidelines.

Q: Are there any costs attached to using the Marketplace?

No, as of now, there are no costs attached to using the Marketplace.

Q: What type of Content Blocks will be added to the Marketplace in the future?

The Marketplace is a growing ecosystem, so check the availability of new Content Blocks frequently.

It’s the distribution hub for all new Content Blocks built by Frontify, our Partners, or 3rd party developers.

Please remember, if you miss any Content Block by now, you can make your Content Blocks using our Brand SDK or reach out to our Partnership team, which will connect you with a Partner to create custom Content Blocks for your individual needs.

8 Quick intro video

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