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Wrike integration installation guide
Wrike integration installation guide

Learn how to connect Wrike with Frontify

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To get started with the Frontify - Wrike integration, you should create an OAuth application on your Frontify account. Please contact your Frontify customer success manager to get this application running and provide you the Client ID and Client Secret of the newly created application. Please share the client_id and client_secret only with your Wrike account administrator.

To be able to install Frontify integration to your Wrike account, you need to have administrator rights on the Wrike account.

On Wrike, go to Profile → Apps & Integrations → search for Cloud Content Connector.

On Cloud Content Connector → Connections → Add a new connection

Enter the Domain URL, Client ID, and Client Secret in the new connection form and click on the “Connect” button. See the screenshot below

A sample domain URL is as follows

In the above example, “” is the URL of the Frontify instance. Each enterprise Frontify client has its own instance URL. Please use your instance url (the instance url is the url you have in your browser when you use Frontify, e.g., or while entering the domain URL in the connection form.

Click on Connect, and on the next window, click on Open Window, and provide authorization to the Wrike integration to access Frontify libraries and projects.

And you are all set, ready to use the integration.

We hope you find this article useful. If you have any doubts reach out to your customer success manager.

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