Templafy integration (Enterprise only) allows you to access digital assets from Frontify, directly in your Office documents, via Templafy. You can Frontify to manage assets in dedicated libraries and use the Templafy integration to access them through any Office applications (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, or Outlook).

Additionally, you can save time with additional features, like automatic compression of images inserted in documents.

Templafy Integration connects to Media, Icon, and Logo Libraries in Frontify.

How to get started with Templafy integration?

Here are the prerequisites for using the integration:

  • Frontify Enterprise Account. If you don't have one, learn more about it on this page.

  • Templafy Account Get a Templafy Account through this page.

To activate the integration:

1. Set up Frontify Libraries & Add Assets
Add specific assets to your dedicated assets libraries: the Logo, Icon, or Media Library

Note! Integration can connect with one Library of each type: it is possible to connect to one Media Library and one Icon library but it is impossible to connect to two Media Libraries at once.

2. Get the Frontify API Token

Get in touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager at Frontify and fill in this request form here:

Templafy API Token Request form

Note! You need to provide a link to each Library you would like to connect to Templafy.

3. Connect Templafy with Frontify

Once you get the token from us, follow the step-by-step instructions in your Templafy account.

FAQ about Frontify - Templafy Integration

1) Can I connect multiple Frontify Libraries via Templafy?

Only Media, Logo and Icon Library and only one of each

2) Do Targets set in the Frontify Library apply when using the Integration?

No, Frontify Targets apply to Frontify Libraries frontend as it is required to identify the user within the Frontify platform to know if the user belongs to a certain Target group. Hence, all the assets within the connected Library will be available in the Templafy integration.

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