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FAQ - How to enable the API access token?
FAQ - How to enable the API access token?
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What is the API access token?

An API access token is a unique identifier that grants access to an API (Application Programming Interface).

This token acts as a credential that verifies your identity and authorizes your requests to access the API's resources or services.

How to enable the API access token for your Frontify libraries?

Within one of your Frontify Libraries, look for the cogwheel on the Power Bar and go into the Integrations section.

Click on API Access Token, toggle it on, and save.

After toggling it on, the alphanumeric access key will be displayed on the very same fly-out. If needed, you can also toggle the write permission.

You can set the API token only at the backend view of the libraries; this is a backend-only functionality, not available in the front view of the libraries.

And that's it. Thanks for taking the time. For clarification reach out to customers support.

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