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How to create icons for the Icon Library
How to create icons for the Icon Library

Prepare your icons to work with the Icon Library

Updated over a week ago

This article describes how to prepare the correct icon files to use all Icon Library functions. See the full Icon Library overview here.

The upload format for icons is SVG. Other formats can be added as attachments.

The SVG file has to be built and saved in a certain way to work properly with all the Icon Library features, specifically:

  • Icons will be appropriately colored in the front end of the Icon Library

  • PNG generated by Frontify will be correct and reflect the original SVG

SVG File Requirements:

  • It must be a combined shape, not a group

  • It must be a single Outline

Hot tip!

  • In Sketch: group the elements, make a combined shape, and convert them to Outlines.

  • Similarly, in Adobe Illustrator: choose "Convert to Outlines" when exporting the SVG file.

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