The Template Library is an irreplaceable companion to the Publisher, with a connection to other tools in your Frontify environment. The Template Library will allow you to store design templates and give them a dedicated space from where you can simply pick them up and create new customizable publications.

Creating a Template Library & Add Templates in Frontify 

Start by creating the Library in your Libraries tab by selecting it from the ‘New’ drop-down menu at the right-hand corner of the screen. 

A popup will ask you to add a name to your new Template Library, add it and select the Create Template Library button. This will redirect you to the newly created Template Library.

The next step, once you’re in your library, is to add your Sketch files or InDesign packages.

Bear in mind that when creating Sketch files and/or InDesign packages for the Publisher, there are a few prerequisites you need to follow to make it work properly. Please check out our help articles on Prepare InDesign Documents for Publisher and Prepare Sketch Documents for Publisher.


Managing templates can get messy, so we suggest you start by creating categories. You can do this by clicking the 'Settings' on the Power Bar, then selecting the 'Project Settings'. 

The Template Library Settings side panel will allow you to create categories and sub-categories. 

To create a sub-category, simply create it as a category and then drag the lines on the left side of the category, and move them to the right. 

Leave the side panel to go back to your main library screen.

From this point, you can directly drag and drop your files, select them using the button ‘Upload Your First Template’ or use the drop-down menu on the top right-hand corner of your screen, where you can upload your Sketch and Indesign package. 

Create On-Brand Designs 

All the templates have a status depending on where in the process they are. 

When you upload a template to the Library, it’s set as ‘Not Published’, and you are now able to select the different layers that can be edited. 

You can set parameters to the template and limit the use of certain components that you might want to leave static, and some that could be editable by other users. This can be done by setting the design to Edit Mode (cmd-e or ctrl-e), clicking the specific area you’d like to set to edit or lock.

If there are layers of the business card or design that you want users to be able to edit, then click on the layer and then on the lock on the side panel, turning it’s color to blue and activating the text to be edited once the template is published. 

When these parameters have been set and you’re ready to create this design as a template, simply click on 'Publish' on the upper right-hand corner of the screen, name the file and place it in one of the categories made. 

The template is automatically set to published, but can also be set back to unpublished if you feel the template needs to be changed or reviewed. Simply click on ‘Unpublish’ on the right-hand corner and the template will have an Unpublished status. 

If you decide to change something within the template, the new status will be set to ‘Unpublished Changes’, giving you the option to publish changes, discard the changes, or unpublish the template itself. 

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions regarding the Template Library, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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