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Digital Asset Management

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Library PagesYour one-stop shop for all information on how to use and customize the frontend library experience.

Media Library for End-usersHere’s a detailed explanation of how to best navigate through the Media Library and get to your desired assets quickly.
Asset Duplicate DetectionA guide to asset duplicate detection and how to curate duplicates in the duplicate detection workspace.
Getting started with the Media LibraryThis article introduces you to the main functionalities of the Media Library.
Customizing your Media LibraryHow to modify the user interface of your Media Library
Media Library – Asset TransformationAllow consumers to convert your assets into the right format
Custom Crop & Focal PointGet to know the crop and focal point before downloading an asset
Faceted SearchHow to set up facets in your Frontify Libraries, and find your assets within seconds.
AI Auto-tagging on Assets (Auto-Tagging)This article explains the auto-tagging feature, the main use case, and how it can be set up in your Media Library.
Asset Lifecycle and NotificationsHow to set up an asset lifecycle and sufficiently deal with expiring assets.
License ManagementThis article will help you set up licenses for your image assets in the Media Library, Logo Library and Document Library.
Copyright ProvisionsHow to assign copyright statuses, and add copyright notices to your assets.
Custom Download Request FormThis article outlines the download request process for assets, and how to customize your download request form for your brand.
Media Library TargetsLearn what the Media Library Targets functionality is about, and how to set it up.
Asset relationsHow to relate your assets to each other
How to exclude certain assets from Library pages