The Asset Chooser functionality is a file browser within your Frontify environment. With it, you’re able to browse through assets which you’ve already added to your projects – from within your libraries. This way, you’re able to relate assets to each other within seconds.

For now, the asset chooser can be used to set up asset relations. You therefore have to go to the backend view of the respective library. You can do so by entering the library project from the project space. Then, go on and open the preferred assets. Now you’ll find an information icon in the power bar, on the left-hand side. Click on it, and switch to the ‘Relations’ tab.

Now, click on ‘Choose asset’ to open the Asset Browser. Once opened, you’ll find all the assets stored within your projects with the respective workflow status assigned. A preview helps you select the right image. You also have a multi-select possibility, and a search bar.

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