Customize access to your brand guidelines and assets with a custom sub-domain. Setting up is straight forward and done quickly. 

Check out this article Set up custom domain access if you wish to use your own domain. Be aware that the custom domains option is only available for Business and Enterprise price plans and that it requires an active involvement of your IT department.

Alright, here are the steps for setting up your custom Frontify sub-domain:

1. First, enter your custom sub-domain in your Style Guide

Enter the custom sub-domain you want to use in your Style Guide in the
"General" --> "Settings" section over the PowerBar.

Let’s use ‘’ as an example:
Under "Custom Domain" type in the domain URL ""

2. SSL? Puh...

So you're super secure paranoid? Of course, all custom sub-domains like are running with SSL. You don't have to do anything. 

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