Using the Embed Block, embedding content is simple. The block works by adding the URL of the external webpage or using the asset chooser for internal content, Frontify visualizes its content directly in your Guidelines.

Go to your guidelines and add the Embed Block from the 'Media' tab. The block will give you two options to either enter the URL, such as, and also the ability to embed an external asset from a project using the asset chooser.

If you are interested in learning about how to embed assets in your projects, head to the Advanced External Content Embedding article where you’ll find the tools you need to start adding external content to your projects and enable your team to find everything they need inside your Frontify brand home.

The embedded content should now already be displayed. If needed, you can now add a border or set a specific height in the settings of the Block.

Note: Make sure that the page you embedding:

  • is delivered via HTTPS (https://)

  • doesn't contain a header that prohibits embedding

  • allows for public sharing and does not require a login

Embedding Figma prototypes into iFrame block:

When sharing Figma files, make sure to use "Get Embed code" in the Figma Share menu and copy the URL from there:

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