Color Swatches

How to provide your color swatches as a download package for sharing between applications.

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In terms of brand consistency, it makes sense to use the color palettes you defined in Frontify in other applications as well. This is where Color Swatches come in. 

The basis is at least one section with a color palette, which you have labeled with a significant name. In this example we have five color palletes, showing two of them in this screenshot:

For the use of these colors in another application it is necessary to make the color palette downloadable.

Add a Color Swatch Smart Block out of the Design Specifications.

The Color Swatch recognizes the colors from all the color palettes of your Style Guide.

Open the menu to define which of your color palettes should be included in the download package

After exiting the Edit Mode you can download the color palette with a simple mouse click and you can continue to use them in your desired way.

Your ZIP package includes four files:

  1. colors.ase – Adobe Swatch Exchange file for Adobe products.

  2. colors.less – LESS dynamic stylesheet language used to enhance standard CSS sheets with other modern features.

  3. colors.oco – Open Color Format palette, associated with the Open Colors Tools, a software tool for macOS.

  4. colors.scss – Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets syntax data, a style sheet language used to describe and style websites along with additional data.

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